References, sources and picture credits are being added here.

All picture credits citing IWM refer to images published by the Imperial War Museum, in Lambeth, south London. It is perhaps ironic that study facilities for their excellent picture reference library are located in the bell tower of the former Bedlam asylum which was converted as a commemorative museum for the Great War.


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Films and television (alphabetical by title)

Battle of the Somme, The and The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks (1916). Remastered by the Imperial War Museum for video, 1998. IWM/DD Video, London. Original footage.

Battles of the Somme and the Ancre, The (1999) Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, London. Video by DD Video, London.

Blackadder (1989) 4th series, BBC, London. Directed by Richard Boden, produced by John Lloyd. With Rowan Atkinson, Tony Richardson, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tim McInnerney. VHS video, 1998, BBC Worldwide, London. Episode 6, Goodbyeee [the wartime song also used in Oh What a Lovely War], ends with the cast going over the top.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) Directed by Rex Ingram, starring Rudolf Valentino and produced by Metro. Based on the novel by Vicente Blasco Ibanez. Reproduced by Delta Entertainment, LA, 2006.

Great War, The (1964) BBC, London. Video by DD Video, 2001. Narrated by Michael Redgrave.

J’Accuse (1918) Directed by Abel Gance, produced by Pathe. With Romuald Joube and Severin-Mars.

Journey’s End (1930) A Gainsborough film directed by James Whale, screenwriter V Gareth Gundrey, with Colin Clive and Ian MacLaren. This film has not been remastered and is only available on private view at the British Film Institute, London.

Oh What a Lovley War (1969). Directed by Richard Attenborough, with Dirk Bogarde, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, John Mills. Paramount Pictures