German trench ©IWMLillington Gardens, Pimlico, designed by Darborne and Darke in 1962
German trench, left, Western Front. ©IWM;
Lillington Gardens estate, right, Pimlico, in 2007. John Darborne and Geoffrey Darke, 1962.


Introductory Argument for the Main Proposal

On Proving the Hypothesis

Site Structure and Disciplines Involved

Psychological Considerations: Psychological issues central to the hypothesis

Chronology 1: A history-focused account of the subject matter in the light of the preceding theory up to the flowering of ‘Sixties Architecture’.

The Main Evidence: Images and locations of architectural sites which provide the main evidence for the proposal:
(1) Psychological symptoms; (2) Mirror Images; (3) Landscapes of War.

Chronology 2: A continuation of the chronology after the heyday of Sixties Architecture had passed, allowing the three strands to be drawn together in a containing narrative.

Bibliography: All sources of material

Speculation: New ideas not yet worked into overall theory

Links: Includes a link to the original blog

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