Chronology: 1

Using the preceding psychological sections as foundation, the story of the subject matter in question, the Modern Architecture of 1919-1980, can now be re-told from a new perspective. The sequence is based on six suggested psychological phases that followed the armistice of 1918. This schema of six phases is based on the stages of post-traumatic stress disorder. In broad terms, the six represent a period of around 60 years when living memory seems to have had priority as a motivating factor in cultural expression. These phases are divided into two subsets of three, based on conscious and subconscious mourning. Also included are ‘Narratives of Creativity’ which chronicle parallel works in artistic fields other than architecture.

The last, sixth, phase and what followed are covered in the Chronology 2 section, after the main evidence is presented.

Chronology 1 – contents: